#67 There is No Point in Dying if You Never Lived with Dr Wale Akinyemi


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Are you struggling to say 'No' to various solicitations to the detriment of what truly matters in your life?

In today's episode 67 of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, I am in conversation with Dr Wale Akinyemi, Chief Transformation Officer at PowerTalks. They help organisations with their leadership development and organisational culture. He is a speaker, author of 18 books, a newspaper columnist, a media personality and a passionate dreamer.

Wale’s purpose is about transforming Africa one mind at a time. He believes that there is no point in dying if you never lived.

In this spirited conversation, you'll discover:

  • Why saying 'Yes' to our core values help us say 'No' to everything else
  • How he found clarity when he turned 40
  • The critical life lessons learnt when he lost everything and made him a more compassionate
  • Why there is no difference between his vocation and his vacation
  • Why he is passionate about raising a movement of transformation thinkers.

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