#71 You Only Live Once with Thomas Fabbri


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#71 You Only Live Once with Thomas Fabbri

Do you believe that you have something to give to the world, but you're afraid to get it out there?

In today's episode 71 of Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life podcast, I am in conversation with Thomas Fabbri, Adventurer. He overcame three divorces, jail, drugs, alcohol, bankruptcy, homelessness, to go on to become a major airline captain, corporate helicopter pilot, author, speaker and fitness guru.

In this raw and honest conversation and the last episode of the season 6 you'll discover:

  • The extraordinary journey of Tom from a guy who never went to college but ended up becoming a captain at a major airline and flying with individuals who graduated from prestigious schools
  • How he got stripped of his happiness as a kid and ended up on a very self-destructive path
  • How he turned things around to come out of the self-destructive path
  • How he struggled with self-esteem, confidence and courage
  • Why forgiveness and love became his two rules when he became a father
  • Why he is passionate to lead the health and wellness movement.

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