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Robin Ince is a Comedian, Writer and Host of the BBC Series The Infinite Monkey Cage alongside Physicist Brian Cox. Robin also has his own Broadcasts within the Cosmic Shambles Network. For more:

“They aren’t just scientific facts – They are stories of what it is to be in the universe.”

Today, Robin discusses the strange place he has found himself in, being the resident science comedian. He chats about why it’s a good thing to be the stupidest person in the room and how, after having met some of quite literally the greatest minds to have ever walked the face of the earth, some of his opinions about people have actually changed. Konner and Robin also talk about the idea of "stupid questions" and how Robin has come to the realisation that although people may perceive certain questions as stupid, when they are motivated by curiosity, they can often be the most profound.

Konner and Robin also discuss the idea of telling the story of science. For the longest time science has been looked at and delivered, in a very cold and unappealing way. Now, through shows such as the infinite monkey cage, we are starting to uncover the emotions, the poetry, and the human story of science and scientific endeavour.

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