0037: Beer, Pizza and GoDaddy


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How will 2020 be remembered by Bond fans?

This first episode of a new decade looks forward to what we can expect from a busy year of Bond - plus a number of question-marks that hang over the year and the future of the franchise. We discuss the marketing campaign for No Time To Die, the anticipation of the release, the key announcements to come (composer, albeit with Zimmer’s shop now looking more likely, and title song), avoiding spoilers in the week between UK and US release, and what the press will be talking about during and after the film’s premiere. We also delve into the dearth of Bond books and games and wonder whether the franchise will remain on autopilot or garner some fresh blood through new ownership?

The recording took place on January 3rd in the USA and New Zealand.

Paul Atkinson and James Page are co-founders of MI6-HQ.com and the magazine MI6 Confidential

Joseph Darlington is Head of Section at beingjamesbond.com

Bill Koenig runs the Spy Command at hmssweblog.wordpress.com

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