Setting the Spark: World Schooling 101


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We were so excited to talk to Kaleena Amuchastegui, author of The 5-Hour School Week to learn all about what world schooling looks like for her family. Kaleena shares with us about the major life shift that happened for her and her husband 3 years ago when they both stopped working 50+ hour weeks, pulled their children out of private school, and started traveling the world. Kaleena is engaging and her enthusiasm for travel and adventure is contagious. Make sure you check her book out on Amazon as well as her website/blog

For a little bit more about Kaleena, here is her bio:

A self declared “anti homeschool mama” Kaleena left her busy Real Estate career to step into a role she could have never dreamed of! Educating and traveling the globe with her 4 little humans; Maddie 11, Charlotte 9, Isabel 8 and Brax 3 with husband of 12 years Aaron!

Often referred to as a worldschooler, homeschooler or unschooler, Kaleena and her husband simply embrace living their very best lives and learning alongside their children. With the belief that if we want our children to be world changers, they need to actually experience the world. They choose adventures and educational opportunities that expose their entire family to unfamiliar lands and different cultures. Fully believing that learning is a lifelong journey, they find their education in living life together, embracing the uncomfortable and adding important and often skipped over curriculum to their daily studies, such as emotional intelligence and financial literacy. With the release of their Amazon best selling book The 5 Hour School Week, An Inspirational Guide to Leaving the Classroom to Embrace Learning in a Way You Never Imagined, Kaleena feels inspired to share her journey with parents who already feel the traditional education system is not the right fit. Once feeling trapped and discouraged that the school got the best of her kids and she was was stuck with the “leftovers” Kaleena now finds great joy in slow mornings, beautiful adventures and experiencing life alongside the people she loves most.

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