This and That Gaming Ep 36 - A Fresh Start


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Welcome to episode 36 of the This & That Gaming Podcast! With the new generation of consoles well and truly upon us, we share our early thoughts and experiences so far with both the Xbox Series & the PlayStation 5 and what we hope to see from both systems going forward. We also have our usual news round up and one topic in particular, Apple’s new M1 chip and it potential ramifications, has us all really excited!

Thank you for tuning in and we hope you enjoy the episode!

Show Notes:

Massive Capcom leak reveals a bunch of new titles:

Phil Spencer talks about how developers earn money through Game Pass:

Some last-gen games are getting 120FPS patches, but on Xbox only:

Apples new M1 chip is bonkers!:

Apple will reduce its app store cut for some developers:

Take-Two to buy Codemasters:

Doom is running on the Super Mario Bros Game & Watch:

Beckham to make 40 million pounds from Fifa 21:

Pitfall in Call of Duty: Cold War?:

Pocket Go SN30 handheld:

CPC Retrodev 2020 winners announced!:

Atomiswave games running on the Dreamcast:

Sealed Super Mario Bros 3 goes for record price:

This episodes outro track is 'Blue Sky Area' from the Power Stone 2 OST:

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