The Everyday Sniper Podcast Episode 263 Bizarro World Respect for the Departed


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The Everyday Sniper Podcast Episode 263 Bizzaro World Respect for the Departed

We are truly living in Bizarre times so I am calling this Bizarro Episode, but more to the point it's out of Respect for Frank DeSomma and Robert Gradous

Two icons in our industry passed away recently and I wanted to bring attention to it. These are two awesome individuals who have dedicated their lives to the Gun Community. So with that in mind I throw a couple of flashbacks about them in the podcast. So sorry to have this happen.

Finally there is funny moments in the episode, some pushing for answers, questions asked, etc. Help me, I want to solve more problems, let me know what they are... Cheers,

Thanks for listening, commenting and being a part of the podcast.

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