The Everyday Sniper Podcast: Episode 271:End of the Roadtrip


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The Everyday Sniper Podcast: Episode 271:End of the Roadtrip

Back from our epic road trip across the United States. Ending in Tennesse at Treadproof we had a great group of shooters. They are making improvements as we speak and the target package was nice. Tons of small steel plates scattered across the range.

Overall we had a kick-ass group of students, they took instruction well, we had great after-hour parties wherever we went. So thanks to everyone for making it a memorable trip.

One learning experience is, rifle rests are not rear bags, sure you can compromise and use them, but to be honest, it's no the best tool for the job.Lastly managed recoil, I think we need to clean up the free recoil references to call them managed recoiled or percent or recoil, something different that better describes the process. I think we are all doing it very similarly, but we are calling it something else each time, and this where the confusion comes from. All good though, thanks for listening, sharing and being a part of the everyday sniper podcast. Cheers,

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