The Everyday Sniper Podcast: Patterns, we are looking at Patterns


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The Everyday Sniper Podcast: Patterns, we are looking at Patterns

Another quick episode to hold you over.

Patterns, we are looking at patterns, we use patterns to determine direction. I like patterns, I want to see patterns in your shooting because they tell a story.

Lighter 338 bullets are better, I demonstrated it this weekend to a shooter who was convinced the 300gr bullet was the better choice. Quicker and more consistent impacts, less drop, and even less wind in some cases, in other cases the wind was nearly identical.

Wind Class, we excel at teaching students to shoot in the wind. The wind is the wildcat, the wind is the great equalizer, you need to know how to shoot in the wind in order to hit targets in the wind.

Thanks to everyone who attended an MHSA Precision Rifle Class this year, we appreciate you The season is winding down so thanks again, look forward to seeing everyone next time. Cheers,

Thanks for listening, thanks for sharing, thanks for being a part of the podcast.

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