The Everyday Sniper Podcast: Wheels and the Legman Interview


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The Everyday Sniper Podcast: Wheels and the Legman Interview

Two of the top competitor out there, Serge and Jorge join us today to talk competition, local matches and just some general get out and shoot philosophies with me.

I was bored again, wanted to talk to someone besides myself so I rang up Serge and Jorge to talk smack on the podcast. A little behind the scenes, insider information.

  • Local San Diego Competitions
  • Match Thoughts
  • Traveling to matches and mindset
  • Drama in Comps
  • Drama on the internet

Thanks to Wheels and Legman for a great conversation. We extended this one a bit because we were just talking like we normally do. Thanks for listening, Thanks for sharing, and thanks for being a part of the everyday sniper podcast


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