132 - The Disappearance of Kristine Kupka


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Twenty-eight year old Kristine Kupka was following her dreams. A firm supporter of women's rights, Kristine was just months from graduating with a degree in philosophy from which she planned to move into law school. Then she got a life changing surprise -- she was pregnant.
Excited by the opportunity to be a mother, Kristine immediately began planning for the future. While she wasn't sure how the father would receive the news she couldn't be prepared for how he reacted. He begged Kristine to get an abortion and explained that he had lied to her; he was married and this pregnancy would destroy his life. Kristine empathized but she had no plans of aborting her child.
Months later, Kristine vanished after being picked up by the child's father. While he argues he dropped Kristine off after several hours, others believe he played a direct role in the young mother to be's disappearance.
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