Do You Know Who My Dad Is? Episode 7: The McCains & The Romneys


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Not Another True Crime presents the seventh installment of the 8-episode limited series exposing the connections you never knew existed: Do You Know Who My Dad Is? explores dynastic nepotism and the effects it has on media, culture, and our current political system. Hosts Bryan Russell Smith and Alicia Angeles are talking all about the privilege that leads inexperienced and unaccomplished children of powerful people to get ahead.

This week, we’re talking all about the families responsible for producing two recent Republican presidential nominees, the McCains and the Romneys. First, Bryan tells us about the rise of John McCain, from his family’s military roots to his election to the Senate, and finally his ascendence to power and eventual campaign against Barack Obama in 2008. Next, Alicia explains the origins of Mitt Romney’s dynastic family, including his father’s time as Governor of Michigan, the source of their enormous wealth, and how he became a presidential nominee. Finally, they close things out with a game of “Do You Know Who Said It?” featuring real quotes from both John and Mitt.

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