Do You Know Who My Dad Is? Episode 8: The Trumps & The Kushners


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Not Another True Crime presents the eighth and final installment of the limited series exposing the connections you never knew existed: Do You Know Who My Dad Is? explores dynastic nepotism and the effects it has on media, culture, and our current political system. Hosts Bryan Russell Smith and Alicia Angeles are talking all about the privilege that leads inexperienced and unaccomplished children of powerful people to get ahead.

This week, we’ve finally arrived at the crown jewel of American nepotism: the Trump family (and by extension the Kushners). First, Alicia tells us where Donald Trump’s son-in-law got his start (under his father’s watch), and covers the various scandals and convictions the Kushner family has under its belt. Next, Bryan tries to explain how Donald Trump’s father helped create one of the most inept (and destructive) presidents in history, and tells us how his children carry on the family tradition of raking in money and opportunity despite their lack of any discernible merit. Finally, they close the show with a game of “Daddy Sent Me” all about famous figures who benefited from being legacy admissions to a prestigious university.

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