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Marty Shultz has been a fixture in matters of public affairs for over four decades. A true “mover and shaker” in the Valley, he has worked with at least eight Arizona governors on issues ranging from transportation, to education, to social services. He was a VP of Arizona Public Service for most of his career and recently retired from a second career. As a retiree, he promises he can speak freely. And as someone who was truly on the “inside” when many of the most important issues this state has faced over the last half century, he truly has a valuable perspective on many issues.

Few people in the state have been as intimately involved in as many of the most important issues Arizona has faced as has Marty Shultz. He will share his thoughts on the state of Leadership in Arizona, and on some of the issues he has been involved in shaping, notably transportation, education, human services, and water issues. And, notably, the recent actions of his longtime former employer, Arizona Public Service.

And, we introduce a new feature in the Think Tank this week, a guest commentary. This week we hear from Julie Erfle.

This is truly a “don’t miss” episode of the Think Tank.

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