Season 4: Episode 165 - DARK SHADOWS: Episodes 483- 505


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May 1968

Episodes 483 - 505

Cassandra is not who she says she is. Dr Lang starts his experiments. Julia and Barnabas create Adam and the dream curse starts making its rounds.

Opening Credits; Introduction (1.06); Out of the Shadows (12.16); Into The Shadows (32.02); Shedding Some Light (41.10); Character Breaks (1:39.59); Morning Has Broken (1:49.44); Tune In Next Time (1:59.32); Closing Credits (2:01.11)

Opening Credits - Dark Shadows Main Theme by Robert Cobert from the Dark Shadows Catalogue. Used by kind permission of Universal Music.

Music Cues by Robert Cobert from Dark Shadows Catalogue

Frankenstein - by Aimee Mann– Taken from album I’m With Stupid. Used by kind permission Geffin Music 1995

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