Exporting Quality From Japan w/ David De La Torre


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On this episode of the Small Business Japan Podcast we get a few tips from David De La Torre about how to export quality products from Japan and some of the hurdles with international exporting.

After having studied business management, David took those skills to the hospitality sector in all its roots, the last ten years have been dedicated to Japanese projects and he has been on the hunt for the best brews and connecting with people who are into perfecting their craft. When it became clear to him that the food and beverage industry was part of his destiny, where better to center himself than Japan and its craftmanship?

Mori1984 is a craft beer that was born out all of David’s experiences within the food and beverage sector and as an experienced home-brewer being intrigued how water truly contributes to the flavor. He discovered a brewery in Niigata, a great place for soft water willing to take his recipes to the next level. Moromi Magazine exists as the future of boosting the Japanese beverage industry.

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