Lessons of Resilience, Revitalization, and Entrepreneurship From the Japanese Countryside w/ Adam Fulford


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On this episode of the Small Business Japan Podcast I talk with Adam Fulford...Let me tell you, sit back and get ready for a masterclass on the revitalization of the Japanese countryside, lessons of resilience, and what opportunities and challenges entrepreneurs have in rural villages of Japan.

Adam Fulford was born in Devon, England and moved to Japan as an English teacher in 1981, at the age of 24. That year he also started working part time as a rewriter at NHK. His work at NHK increased, and in 1985 Adam set up the company that he continues to run: Fulford Enterprises -- or FE, for short. FE offers language services to NHK and various other clients. Adam himself serves as a language consultant for NHK. In recent years, he has been digging for buried treasure in regional Japan, with a special focus on Yamagata and Fukushima.

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