74. Sloane Ortel of Invest Vegan - How Vegan Values Help Identify Investment Opportunity


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“My biggest ambition for this firm is to help people imagine themselves as part of something much bigger than they currently see. I think the hypothetical vegan...who is buying stocks of Beyond Meat and praying, might think that there are one or two businesses out there that align with their values, when in reality, there are thousands.”

“I hope [I can help] people look at the companies in their portfolio and go, “It never really occurred to me to think about cell phone towers as a vegan business opportunity”—[but they are!] Here are these companies doing amazing work, bringing connectivity to people, creating economic opportunity in rural spaces, all sorts of great stuff—[and they also happen to be vegan!]”

💰 Sloane comes from a family of professional investors. 02:53

😞 Crisis in 2008 showed a deep bankruptcy of trust in the investment industry. 04:47

😎 Defining new values for the investing world and creating a new investment landscape. 06:41

🤩 Setting up a list of good companies and getting deep into projects they are supporting. 10:27

💸 If people don't trust in the investment solutions that they have access to they don’t invest. 13:25

🤔 Companies we support today might not be aligned with vegan ethics in years ahead. 14:47

🌟 What you have to give up to find the real deal. 16:10

🤓 Learning to look at businesses through a different lens and finding ones that delight us to invest in. 19:22

🤯 Example: seeing cell phone towers as a vegan investment opportunity. 20:51

⚠️ Vegan traps: food is not our only opportunity. 22:16

🎙️ Free money with Sloane and Ashby podcast. 23:44

👂 Helping people build savings capability and listening to clients better. 24:08

🍄 Toxic relationships with money: start getting comfortable with discussions about money. 27:07

💵 There is too much shame wrapped up in money. 28:45

🎯 “Believe in yourself and create your own place in an industry that you would like to be a part of.” 30:40

🙋🏾‍♀️ There's opportunity out there for us as vegans in every industry. 33:03

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