Ep 029: Project Soulmate feat. Lori Zaslow and Jennifer Zucher of Project Soulmate


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You're about to get an inside look into the lives of two driven, intelligent and hilarious matchmakers! Leanna and Jared welcome Lori Zaslow and Jennifer Zucher, founders of Project Soulmate, a boutique, matchmaking service based out of NYC. Lori and Jenn have been doing matchmaking for 13 years and have been on Bravo TV's "Love Brokers". They talk about how they made the natural transition into matchmaking, how the process of matchmaking works, how they encourage their clients to date outside of their natural "normal" and what specifically they look for when matching clients to their database. Leanna and Jared then spend some time processing the interview, talk about their thoughts about matchmaking, and go into depth about platonic friendships between men and women. The two also discuss Jared's most recent dating update, Leanna's update with her current relationship, foot fetishes and sweet messages from listeners. Make sure to follow Lori and Jenn on instagram @projectsoulmate and follow us @helloandgoodbyepodcast, @_leannajoan and @therealjaredrodrigues. And make sure to subscribe to the patreon, www.patreon.com/helloandgoodbyepodcast. Enjoy! Xoxo

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