Ep 030: Dating a Co-Worker, Dating Signals and Daring the "L" Word


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Welcome back to the second episode where we take YOUR questions! Leanna and Jared discuss and give their advice about dating app profile suggestions, when to tell if a guy likes you, when you should pursue or stop pursuing someone, if you should date your co-worker, when you should say "I love you", and how Leanna and Jared became friends. The two also banter back and forth in the beginning as they discuss the Patreon page makeover, a fire evacuation, who kissed who first, the beginnings of relationships and how effective communication can help create co-security. Make sure to follow us on instagram @helloandgoodbyepodcast, @_leannajoan and @therealjaredrodrigues and subscribe to the Patreon, www.patreon.com/helloandgoodbyepodcast. Enjoy! Xoxo

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