Ep 031: Talking About Trauma


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It's just Leanna and Jared in this special episode as they talk about trauma. Jared comes to the table with his extensive knowledge and research on the subject and talks about what trauma actually is, different types of trauma, the physical and emotional impacts of trauma and how trauma can affect everyday life. Jared and Leanna then discuss treatment options, the importance of finding treatment and the process of reintegration. Finally, they talk about how trauma can come into dating and relationships and Leanna shares some personal stories of how this has come up in her current relationship, not to mention, their weekly updates, recommendations and an exciting update on merch! Make sure to follow us on instagram @helloandgoodbyepodcast, @_leannajoan and @therealjaredrodrigues and subscribe to the patreon, www.patreon.com/helloandgoodbyepodcast! And a big thank you to our partner VeeFresh. To receive 10% off your order, use code HELLO2020 when you check out at www.veefresh.com. Enjoy! Xoxo Podcast and music produced by: dustinlaumusic@gmail.com

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