Ep 036: From Religious to Polyamorous


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Bring an open mind (pun intended) to this fascinating conversation as Leanna and Jared welcome, special guest, Erin, to tell her story of growing up religious, experiencing sexual trauma, finding her sexuality, finding her voice and eventually finding herself in the world of polyamory. Erin discusses details of three different relationships, each with different characteristics, including love, turned friends with benefits, booty calls and her first relationship with a polyamorous partner. The three then discuss how polyamory actually works, the factors that go into ENM (ethical non-monogamy), how to handle jealousy and the importance of honest and open communication, in both polyamorous and monogamous relationships. Erin's storytelling and vulnerability is heartfelt and mesmerizing and it's a conversation that may actually surprise you. And of course, Leanna and Jared catch up on their lives as Jared discusses a dating update and both reminisce on Leanna's birthday. Make sure to follow us on instagram @helloandgoodbyepodcast, @_leannajoan, @therealjaredrodrigues and visit our patreon www.patreon.com/helloandgoodbyepodcast. And thank you to our partner Hello Tushy. To receive 10% off, visit www.hellotushy.com/helloandgoodbye. Enjoy! Xoxo

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