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An estimated 22 veterans per day commit suicide. In 2016, Leslie Irby was battling depression and anxiety that was connected to her service while on active duty in the United States Navy. She explored ways to combat her emotional trauma through traditional medicine and did not find the help she needed. Instead, Leslie turned to an unorthodox form of treatment - a thru-hike on the 2,650- mile long Pacific Crest Trail. There are millions of veterans who suffer from depression, anxiety, physical disabilities, PTSD, and other wounds that people may never hear about. These questions were the springboard for Climb Four and our goal is to provide a kit of the essential pieces of gear to make the backcountry more accessible to the men and women who need it most. CLIMB4 is a heartfelt, passionate attempt to make a positive impact on the veteran community and to bring down the veteran suicide rate.

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