SSPC: John Moffet Describes Getting Injured as a Gold Medal Favorite at the Olympics


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John Moffet is a renaissance man. In the pool he was a 1980 & 1984 Olympian, World Record Holder, World Medalist & Pan Pacific Championships Triple Gold Medalist. Beyond the pool, after graduating from Stanford, he built an impressive career in entertainment winning 3 Primetime Emmy Awards and a list of credits too long to detail here. (Google John Moffet producer director and go to IMDB.) Moreover, he's delivering all of that entertainment muscle to his new podcast SPORT LIFE BALANCE (see Moffet Podcast here:

In this podcast Moffet bottom-lines "the moment" when he knew his chances for 1984 Olympic gold were over. After breaking the 100-meter breaststroke world record at U.S. Olympic Trials (1:02.13), he suffered an injury in the 1984 Olympic Games prelim heat--coming off the wall, a few strokes after his breakout. Hearing the vulnerability in his voice is heart-wrenching. Moffet's life is dramatic, a Hollywood film, and he was, in fact, among the stars of the famous award-winning doc film "16 Days Of Glory" that took you inside the lives of the most interesting 1984 Olympians.

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