Marian McSpadden: A Heart of Compassion


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Marian was raped at five years old by someone she knew. She was lonely and could not connect emotionally with her family. Marian developed jealousy patterns and did not want anybody to succeed. She became a school teacher and a midwife, but emptiness followed her. Marian felt that she was a drowning person. Her family did not know how to help her. She finally cried out to God and finally found people to help her. Marian connected with God. She got wisdom and understanding. Marian now coaches women to become their best selves. Need help to live your best life? Connect with Marian today.

Marian McSpadden Bio:

Marian McSpadden along with her husband, owns a multimillion-dollar business. She was born in the secluded culture of a horse-drawn buggy religious organization. When she was 34 years old a strong force within her took her beyond the world as she knew it. Immediately she was attracted to education. She took a GED and later graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

"I had a new internal guidance system and that is such a wonderful thing." -Marian McSpadden

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