Seven Volpone, "From Musician to Entrepreneur of Sub-cultures"


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Seven Volpone is a true artist turned entrepreneur, from singer, songwriter to starting several businesses and now leading the Big Block Family Office and Sub-Nation to new heights across various “sub-cultures” from Esports, Gaming, Music, entertainment, Sports, etc.

Key Highlights

  1. Early days as music artist from Pop Rock to Country Harmony
  2. We3Kings, the first business, created Music IP for TV shows, Sports teams Theme songs, brands, etc
    • From Hit TV Sitcoms to Green Bay Packers – G-Force – helping win the Super Bowl
  3. Secret Futurist, looking at leading technology, and tech for the future , focused on Digital ecosystems
  4. Push Point Management & Media Group – lead him to work with ESL and getting into Esports
  5. Adidas story, in the early days of Esports
  6. Realizing the power of Esports to connect with younger generations through the “lifestyle and culture” part
  7. Connecting with Bruce Bendell and setting up the Family Office, Big Block Capital Group
  8. The start of Sub-nation and building the team
    • Project with E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) on creative concepts
    • Big Vision, to be the Disney of “E-Gaming” – creating IP and partnering with venues, cities and IP owners
    • Enhancing the experience for the Gamers – content creation, new concepts
  9. Atari Hotel concept coming to your city soon
  10. Big Block Capital Family office – 5Cs – Culture, Content, Conversation, Commerce,
  11. Investments in Israel tech start-ups, via Surround Ventures, from entertainment, sports to media
  12. Focus on Millennials and Gen Z, guide brands to connect with this audience
  13. Tips to young executives or entrepreneurs. Check out the “Great Fail” Podcast by
  14. Final look into the future as a Futurist


Seven Volpone is an Executive, Fund Manager and Entrepreneur who for over a decade served as President, Co-Founder and architect behind the music, marketing and branding company We3Kings. He has been recognized through out the gaming, Music, Television, & Marketing communities for not only his award winning IP but his forward thinking business development initiatives and integration campaigns that included the likes of AAMCO transmissions, Whiskey Falls & Dale Earnhardt Jr., Whiskey Falls and NAPSTER, The American Labors Union, The Atlanta Braves, and television shows for FOX, NBC, Mark Burnett, and many more. Seven’s drive, entrepreneurial spirit and ability to understand the delicate art of branding, integration and advertising was what led him to conceptualize and develop the celebrity integration and social influencing platform Radio Connect/TwitYap which he sold to the Publicly traded entity Xhibit Corp (XBTC). Seven later became a consultant for Xhibit Corp and its wholly owned entities SkyMall and SkyMall Ventures, (a leader in the loyalty space). Seven is a leader in the ever-changing media and digital space and he brings over a decade of executive experience from all facets of the entertainment industry as well as key relationships, with top tier, developers, celebrities, athletes, managers, agents, TV networks, producers and corporations that aid in his ability to help develop companies and brands. In addition to Seven’s music and content development initiatives, he advises & consults 3rd party companies and individuals through his company AFDKAM on strategic business development opportunities and the leveraging of content, technology, brand integration, online product sales and social influence in new media.

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