32. Unmasked Part 25. A Slasher Romantic Comedy?


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This time, we're covering a little seen slasher/satire/deconstruction of the slasher genre (inspired greatly by the Friday the 13th franchise) that manages to pivot between romantic comedy and straightforward slasher movie. While also being a satire with a lot to say. We have a lot to say about this one too. Did we love Unmasked Part 25? Find out!

Stuck/ having a stalker/ Thanks to Doctor Wolfula/ Franchise on a pole match/ I Care A Lot on Netflix/ Peter Dinklage/ Everything Must Go/ Eurotrip/ Dazed and Confused/ Joey Lauren Adams’ voice/ Unmasked part 25/ Jason in love/ Mad Balls/ nature vs nurture in a slasher satire?/ a typical parody or something much deeper?/ Jason goes to existential hell/ Livestream for the Cure

Introduction by Doctor Wolfula - check out his amazing YouTube channel: youtube.com/doctorwolfula

Intro theme song: "Feel the Buzz" by Dan "Dboy" Amboy: check out his music at soundcloud.com/dan-amboy

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