All Fannies Are Beautiful: Innies, Outies, Neat and Not So Tidy’s


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Annie sees a little weasel running across the road and Jess enjoys her freedom and shares a little about a recent hookup. They dive into the topic of the week - fannies, aka vaginas. Fannies are like snowflakes, no two are the same, and that is what makes them beautiful. They talk about what their own fannies look like, and the one comment that led to getting a fanny trimmed. Society may make things like pigmentation or an extended labia seem weird or gross, but Annie and Jess feel very differently and have something to say about it.

In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • Jess hooks up with a hot woman, and is also enjoying her freedom!
  • The hang-overs get even tougher as you get older. Maybe 10 jagers is about 8 too many these days.
  • Porn represents one type of vagina, but let’s normalize that being different is okay.
  • Jess and Annie discuss their fannies, what they love about them, and the weird comments others have made about them.
  • Pigmentation, extended labia lips, and hair are normal, but society doesn’t always act like they are.
  • It’s okay to do what makes you feel comfortable, even if that means changing the aesthetic of your labia / lips / clitoris.
  • There is no standard when it comes to vaginas, and certainly no “better” or “worse”.
  • If a man doesn’t like your protruding labia, don’t worry about it. He’s probably not going to be a great lover anyway.
  • Bonus: big clits are great for dry humps.


  • “Maybe necking 10 jagers is not great for me.”
  • “Why do you give a sh*t if you can see labia or not?”
  • “I think camel toes are sexy.”

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