Inappropriate Dreams, Top or Bottom, and Bedroom Mirrors


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Annie and Jess have a jam-packed show starting with a chat about personal space, why we need lifeguards and having the important talk with your partner about kids and engagement rings. Then, join them for a quiz to see if you and your partner (or friend, or even dog) are right for each other and to open up some crazy secrets you may have never known about each other before.

In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

  • Which one are you — a hoarder or a throw-away-er?
  • Annie has a friend at the swimming pool that either fancies her, is jealous, or just really confused about spatial awareness.
  • So we do need lifeguards after all?
  • Even if it’s early on — have the “kids” talk! And the “ring” talk!
  • How awkward is it to have sex dreams about random people in your life?
  • A partner quiz to talk about all the juicy details of sex with your person including embarrassing moments, the mile-high club, and fantasies.
  • Jess hears about the mirror in Annie’s bathroom and gets very turned on.


  • “British etiquette is that you respect people’s space. A lot.”
  • “I told him for the podcast I have to suck d*ck.”
  • “Yes, I’ve fantasized during sex. I’ve fantasized about it stopping.”

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