209: Air Traffic Controller Builds Multifamily Real Estate Empire


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Today, I’m talking with Barry Flavin. Barry has been investing in Real Estate for over 8 years and currently owns 1000+ units.

Prior to pursuing real estate, he was working 40 hrs per week as an Air Traffic Controller. It was a good job, but he got tired and frustrated with the “working to live” mentality.

He wanted more out of life; more income, more time, more freedom. He wanted to live a life on his terms, not the other way around!

So, he decided to do something about it...

He found his way in real estate by rehabbing and selling several of his personal residences, then used the proceeds to purchase 20+ single family rentals.

After realizing the many opportunities that real estate had to offer, he quit his job and took things full time, transitioning into smaller multifamily deals.

In today’s conversation, you’ll find out how he went from an air traffic controller with no real estate experience, to becoming a serious multifamily real estate investor.

Barry shares some of the major challenges he faced along the way, including running out of money, taking out hard money loans, maxing out credit cards, and more. Despite the hurdles, he kept pushing forward, found a partner, leveraged his network, and started making bigger moves.

You’ll also get to hear about his current real estate portfolio, how he structures deals for investors, and why there’s so much opportunity with smaller multifamily projects!

Key Takeaways with Barry Flavin

  • How Barry blended multiple smaller deals into a portfolio for investors.
  • Barry’s goal to get investors initial investment back within 3 years + continuous cash distributions.
  • Find out why he doesn't offer a preferred return to investors.
  • Why the smaller mom & pop multifamily properties are oftentimes the juiciest deals!
  • How to achieve economies of scale with smaller multifamily real estate.
  • Why Barry will buy anything from a single family home to a 200 unit building!
  • How he went from an air traffic controller with no experience, to buying 18 single family homes in only 17 months.
  • How Barry transitioned from single family homes into multifamily deals.
  • The power of partnerships and building a team that can help you reach new levels of success.

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