218: Vetted Real Estate Syndications for the Passive Investor with Spencer Hilligoss


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For those who want to invest in real estate, but don't want the responsibility of managing and owning a property OR may not have the capital to invest in bigger deals, syndications are a great investment vehicle. And that’s something we’ve talked a lot about on this show.

But how do you know which syndication is going to serve you best?

Today’s guest, Spencer Hilligoss, is CEO and Co-Founder of Madison Investing — a company that carefully vets sponsors, markets, and deals, to create passive income opportunities for busy professionals (just like you).

What makes Madison Investing different, is that they’re not fixated on growing the fastest, but rather, growing for the long-term. They’re focused on, as Spencer puts it, “mult-deal, multi-year, multi-decade relationships.

So, when it comes to bringing operators and investors together, his number one priority is being intentional about who he partners with. His approach may take a bit longer, but he believes building solid relationships from the beginning is a better formula for ensuring investors prosper and hit their goals.

In our conversation, you’ll hear about Spencer’s former life as a Silicon Valley tech executive — and why he decided to leave a 13-year track record building high-performing teams across five companies (three of them, software "unicorns"- valued at over $1B).

We also dig into how his company sources deals, finds operators, and serves up strong investment opportunities that offer cash flow and growth for passive investors. That and a whole lot more!

Key Takeaways with Spencer Hilligoss

  • Why Spencer believes that having a good framework is essential when making quick and big decisions.
  • How Spencer’s company is connecting investors to some of the strongest cash flowing multifamily storage assets across the country.
  • The importance of being transparent and why Spencer made the decision to become a registered representative of FINRA.
  • Understanding disclosures, risks, and the questions you need to be asking as a multifamily investor.
  • Why Spencer believes the syndication space is still young, and what opportunities he sees in it over the next 5, 10 or 15 years.
  • Spencer’s approach to sourcing deals, building relationships, and bringing together both operators and passive investors.
  • How Spencer’s time and freedom have improved since leaving the tech world prior to the pandemic.
  • Setting a passive monthly income target and taking deliberate actions that are aligned with your goals.
  • How operators and referrals have been the number one way to find capital and new deals.

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