240: Gino Wickman on The 6 Essential Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur


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What is the difference between an entrepreneur and someone who is self-employed? In my latest interview, I have the perfect guest to help us answer this very question.

Gino Wickman is the Founder of EOS, The Entrepreneurial Operating System, which helps others run great businesses. He’s been an entrepreneur since he was 21 years old and has sold millions of copies of his books, including Entrepreneurial Leap and Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business.

In this episode, we dig into the six essential traits of a successful entrepreneur, why people have to be born with these traits as they cannot be taught, and how Gino has been able to have such incredible success while taking up to 12 weeks off each year.

You’ll definitely want to check out Gino’s Entrepreneur in the Making Assessment tool by visiting E-Leap.com to find out if you have the same traits that most successful entrepreneurs have. I think you’re going to absolutely love this episode.

Key Takeaways with Gino Wickman

  • Gino’s definition of an entrepreneur.
  • The six essential traits of a successful entrepreneur.
  • Determining whether or not you can make the entrepreneurial leap from employee to entrepreneur.
  • The difference between an entrepreneur and someone who is self-employed.
  • How you can find the “Entrepreneur in the Making Assessment” tool.
  • Why the six essential traits of a successful entrepreneur cannot be taught.
  • Gino’s definition of a true risk-taker.
  • How someone can tell if they have the traits to be a great problem solver.
  • Why Gino focuses on industries that aren’t susceptible to constant change.
  • How taking time off can actually be helpful to grow your business faster.

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