EP 71: What Does a Cybersecurity Hiring Manager Really Want From You on Day 1?


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In this episode, we are focused on how to make a good impression on your first day at work. Kip and Jason talk about what you can do to impress the organization that you will be working with.

Show the hiring manager who you are while on the job and make a good impression. Know that it's not just your people skills that matter, but also your professionalism, like showing up on time, dressing appropriately, being courteous, and being friendly to everyone. Demonstrate your technical skills and be results-driven. Know where to look and be self-sufficient.

Kip and Jason also discuss how people work in cybersecurity; that people might be working more with technology instead of working with the people in the team. Listen to what they say about this.

What You’ll Learn

How to make a good impression on day one

● Why professionalism is important

● What other things to know aside from professionalism

● How to function when working with a team

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