The River of Life


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So remember that, according to the river, for the Israelites to leave the corners of their fields unharvested so that the widow, orphan and alien, and their animals, could glean and graze – this wasn’t an act of charity. It was justice – giving them what they were legally entitled to as sacraments of the LORD’s ownership of all land. So too for us, as we mark the corners off our incomes and our days to act in the world so that the hungry can be fed, the alien supported, the ‘orphans and widows’ of our day given hope – this isn’t self-sacrifice or high nobility. It’s justice, and only justice, and in doing justice in the world we bear witness to the one who called Israel to care for the widow and the orphan, and who became a resident alien as the son of man who had no place to rest his head. Therefore go and do justice, and love mercy, and walk in humility with Jesus.

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