Gratitude: What Truly Inspires Service (and Happiness) | Ep. 58


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Learn gratitude practices to start your day and also apply to challenging situations. They will transform how you experience life.
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All of this is true:
Gratitude is at least as important as meditation, mindfulness or any practice you're doing to become a happy, thriving human being. It is a shortcut to enjoying life, fast-tracking your improvement and doing what you do more effectively.
Truly serving well depends on how much you are happy to do it. This is a function of gratitude for your role. Learn how to be grateful for the opportunity to serve and without feeling like you're somehow lowering or degrading yourself. In fact, this mindset is what truly empowers you as an agent of service.
Learn the difference between "outcome-oriented service" and "process-oriented service" and how one puts you on a path of mastery and joy in your work and the other sentences you to frustrations and resentment.
See the value in the most difficult situations. And, most importantly, understand your own value more deeply. This is all a matter of gratitude.
Go Deeper Into The Mindful Service Movement:

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