SPM 206: Why do people support s**t teams?


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The football: A listener describes his own support of the team he loves as a 'diagnosable masochistic disorder', prompting a question about why fans continue to follow their club if there's no significant prospect of success. He calls his team 's**t', but then he's allowed to. We couldn't possibly comment. Although we do. At length. And with A LOT of bleeps. The food: Chinch is asked if he visited the chippy outside Turf Moor on his way to a recent Burnley game, so we thought we'd start a new feature where you tell us about the best takeaways near your favourite team's ground. Let us know at setpiecemenu@gmail.com and, obviously, if it's a Chinese then Chinch is guaranteed to visit it post match. email: setpiecemenu@gmail.com twitter: setpiecemenu We're also on Facebook and YouTube!

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