58 | Hypersexual Artist Type: Kaz’s Sex Stories


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Wyoh and Kaz (36, she/her, queer, pansexual poly-hearted kinky submissive sex educator based in Nairobi, Kenya @kazkarenlucas / @thespreadpod ) have a thoughtful subby-poly-kink-filled sex talk-fest. Kaz talks about her work with The Spread podcast (go listen!), and shares what it was like to be super horny as a kid (including grabbing a dude’s junk as a toddler), exploring polyamory and sex parties and swingers parties during her first visit tot he US, and the gloriousness of consent, BDSM, and subspace. So many good stories of sinful masturbation, mysize doll humping, going from picketing against lesbians to loving and making love to all genders, and also: homemade porn.

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