EP163 - What's YOUR Sexual Story? with Dr. Molly Winterrowd


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Welcome to episode 163 of the Sexology Podcast! Today it’s my pleasure to welcome Dr. Molly Winterrowd to the podcast. In this episode Dr. Winterrowd speaks with me about how attitudes and beliefs impact the quality of our sex lives, creating more space in your life for sex and how to know if we need a sexual attitude adjustment.

Dr. Molly Winterrowd is an advocate in providing affirmative care, is dedicated to creating a safe space where individuals and partners experiencing challenges with their sexuality or gender are able to explore these aspects openly and honestly with care and compassion. Dr. Winterrowd believes that individuals are courageously vulnerable in therapy, and it is a privilege to be trusted to explore others’ deepest needs. In our work together, she helps to navigate how to fulfill these needs most functionally within clients’ lives. Dr. Winterrowd strives to create a safe space where open communication and honesty are welcomed and embraces a holistic approach that combines various therapies to help individuals and couples achieve greater levels of satisfaction in their relationships as well as lives.

Currently, Dr. Winterrowd is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Human Sexuality at the Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health and is devoted to helping clients to overcome sexual and relationship challenges by improving the connection with partners, enhancing relational intimacy by focusing on desires, and identifying new ways in which to bond that fulfill each person’s needs. Dr. Winterrowd helps individuals navigate the physical and emotional process encountered by sexual pain challenges, erectile dysfunction, or struggling with out of control sexual behaviors that are causing emotional pain and difficulties in their relationships. Dr. Winterrowd received her Bachelors of Arts Degree in Psychology and Comparative Sociology from University of Puget Sound, her Master of Arts Degree in Clinical Psychology from George Fox University, and Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology from George Fox University.

In This Episode You Will Hear:

  • How does one’s attitudes and beliefs impact the quality of her/his sex life?
  • What are some of the limiting beliefs that you have come across in your clients who are struggling with sexual dysfunction?
  • How creating more space for sex can lead to better sexual experiences
  • How does our language impact our sexual attitudes?
  • The correlation between the way we consume food and sex
  • How does one assess if her/his attitudes are getting in the way of a fulfilling sex life?
  • Looking at the benefits of sexual examination and exploration
  • How do we know if we need a sexual attitude adjustment?

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