540: Disrupting Fashion with Abdul Ahmed


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540: Disrupting Fashion Abdul Ahmed, Adesso Man

– The Sharkpreneur podcast with Seth Greene Episode 540 Abdul Ahmed

Abdul Ahmed is one of the founders of Canadian Men's lifestyle brand Adesso Man which was founded in 2016 as a passion project to change the landscape of the men's fashion and lifestyle market. After working in the retail industry for a combined 15+ years, Abdul and his fellow founders - Ayaz and Lucas noticed the needs of the modern man were being ignored. While there were never many options for men, there was a significant gap in their hometown, Calgary. The outlets which existed offered few, extremely overpriced, options for the average buyer. It was at this time that the global economy had taken a turn for the worst, so the Adesso Man team dedicated themselves to providing more accessible options for men from all walks of life be it students or new graduates, or men looking to elevate their style.

The brand and the founder's philosophies have since evolved towards a vision to change the way men feel about themselves through fashion and self-care. They believe that fashion, style and self-care are all meant to elevate self-confidence and self-esteem, while promoting self-expression and acceptance. Adesso Man was born to help men build confidence in themselves by designing and curating unique lifestyle products that stand out and elevate the way they look and feel. They also believe that their products and brand should create value for their customers by helping them get closer to their innermost desires, hopes and dreams, while providing a safe space for them to express themselves in any way they chose.

Abdul is a passionate entrepreneur who believes in a purpose-driven approach to business where the focus is creating meaningful change in people's lives through a transformational experience rooted in creating value for all his stakeholders and the community at large. His goal is to influence and change the way people feel about themselves through fashion and personal care - while also creating a community that values growth and personal development. Abdul is also a lifelong student and his interests include conversations around business philosophy, business strategy, marketing, personal development, spirituality and sports.

Listen to this illuminating Sharkpreneur episode with Abdul Ahmed about disrupting the fashion industry.

Here are some of the beneficial topics covered on this week’s show:

● How finding a niche in the marketplace can lead to a successful business.

● Why it’s important for businesses to learn how their customers shop online.

● How getting in front of customers can lead to a company’s establishment.

● Why it’s vital to build relationships with retailers so they supply your product.

● How being a purpose driven brand allows companies to fulfill a bigger mission.

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