Judgment against Mount Seir


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Rev. AJ Espinosa, pastor at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Irvine, CA, joins host Rev. Timothy Appel to study Ezekiel 35:1-15.

The LORD tells Ezekiel to set his face against Mount Seir, that is, the people of Edom. They have nurtured their enmity toward the people of Israel since the days of Esau and Jacob. Now that Babylon has laid waste to Jerusalem, the people of Edom have only kicked Israel while they were down. Edom assumed that the LORD had left the land and began to take possession of it. In response, the LORD assures them that He is, in fact, still there, and that their crimes against Israel are really crimes against Him. He will bring desolation upon the land and people of Edom as they had done to the people of Israel. Through the proclamation of judgment upon Edom, the people of God hear the Gospel that the LORD defeats their enemies and rescues them from every danger, finally through Jesus.

“The Faithful Watchman” is a mini-series on Sharper Iron that goes through the book of Ezekiel. Just when Ezekiel should have begun his service as priest in the temple in Jerusalem, the LORD called him to be a prophet in exile in Babylon. Through fantastic visions and attention-grabbing action prophecies, the prophet Ezekiel is a faithful watchman who proclaims the word of the LORD to bring people to repentance over their sins and to faith in the coming Savior, Jesus Christ, the glory of the LORD made flesh.

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