The LORD Shepherds His Sheep


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Rev. Jacob Dandy, pastor at Zion Lutheran Church and School in Terra Bella, CA, joins host Rev. Timothy Appel to study Ezekiel 34:1-31.

As Ezekiel’s ministry begins to transition to words of comfort and restoration for the people of God in exile, he takes up the familiar image of the shepherd. Various leaders of Israel were to function similarly to shepherds, but the LORD proclaims that these leaders have been faithless. Instead of caring for the people, they have been neglecting and abusing them. The LORD promises judgment against these faithless shepherds, and He promises to be the true shepherd Himself. This is brought to fulfillment in our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Good Shepherd by laying down His life for the sheep to give us life. As His sheep, we wait for that promised Day when our every enemy from within and without is no danger to us at all, and our Good Shepherd brings us to the eternal peace and rest of His new creation.

“The Faithful Watchman” is a mini-series on Sharper Iron that goes through the book of Ezekiel. Just when Ezekiel should have begun his service as priest in the temple in Jerusalem, the LORD called him to be a prophet in exile in Babylon. Through fantastic visions and attention-grabbing action prophecies, the prophet Ezekiel is a faithful watchman who proclaims the word of the LORD to bring people to repentance over their sins and to faith in the coming Savior, Jesus Christ, the glory of the LORD made flesh.

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