Army of Darkness (1992)


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Big D just watched his first "Evil Dead" movie and is here to talk about it. That alone makes this episode of "Shat The Movies" worth the price of admission.

Need more? Listener Chris Powers' "Army of Darkness" commission also triggered discussion about how useless we'd be as time travelers, what a world would look like if killing your sex partners cured the STDs they gave you and Bruce Campbell's undeniable charm.

At just 82 minutes, "Army of Darkness" is the shortest movie we've reviewed, but it gave us plenty of material to cover, like Ash's mistreatment of women, when slapstick goes too far, whether campy horror movies should invest in quality special effects, and how much ammunition you should conserve when potentially trapped in the Middle Ages.

Plus, Gene won't shut up about "Evil Dead: The Musical."




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