Empire Records (1995)


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What happens when the dad of the podcast is confronted with the rebellious teen of '90s coming-of-age movies? Will Big D spank "Empire Records," or will this record-store comedy remind him of what it was to be a shoplifting adolescent?

Listener Jen D. added to her list of sterling commissions with the movie that gave us Rex Manning Day, scandalous miniskirts, horrible dancing, and a soundtrack that included Better Than Ezra, Cracker, and The Gin Blossoms. The romances and struggles took Ash back to her wild years and made Gene resurrect his inner music snob.

Find out about that thing on AJ's lip, why Corey panicked over a blowjob, and why Big D hates Lucas so much. Oh, and there's some Harry Styles in there for good measure.


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