Explorers (1985)


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"The Explorers" had everything an '80s kid could want in a movie: three buddies building a spaceship from a Tilt-A-Whirl, magical computers, teenage aliens, and cool special effects from Industrial Light and Magic. What this 1985 sci-fi adventure lacked was enough time to fully develop.

"Gremlins" director Joe Dante was forced to rush an unfinished film to theaters, dooming an otherwise promising project that starred future superstars Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix. What we got was a movie that's both classic and catastrophe, mixing innocent dreams with eerily sexual spacemen.

Shat The Movies listener James B. commissioned "The Explorers," giving the Shat Crew runway to talk about Big D's Radio Shack shoplifting, Gene's discovery of Catholic sex, King Bee's online harassment skills, and Roger's knowledge of Brazilian Space AIDS. We also recall our failed childhood inventions, including bungee jumping with sewing supplies.


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