4 Steps to Getting Unstuck and Taking Action with Amanda Boleyn


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I am super excited to talk about today's topic as this is something that I am passionate about, let's get into the steps that can help you get unstuck and start taking action.

In this episode you will...

  • Find out why tracking your time is important
  • How to effectively track your time
  • Learn to avoid noise and focus on your goal
  • Regain your freedom by putting constraints
  • Be specific with what you wanted to accomplish
  • Discover the 4 steps you can use to get unstuck and take action


"Even if you have an hour to work on your business or 30 minutes, I want you to be as detailed as possible as to what you're going to accomplish and what you're going to do during that timeframe."

"The more specific you can be with your to-do list or your list of things and outcomes that you want to get done, the more likely you are to take action."

"It's so important that when you do the things in your business in life and not judge results today, or based on today's results. Because what you need to stay focused on is knowing that you're creating an engine, knowing that the vision you're holding in the life that you desire with your business and your life is is possible and it's out there, and we just have to stay committed to that vision."


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