5 Steps to Starting Your Coaching Business with Amanda Boleyn


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Hey lovely friend. How are you doing? What interesting times we’re living right now.

Today, I’m diving into the 5 specific steps you can take right now to start your coaching business and do it the right way from the beginning.

In this episode you will...

  • Learn about the steps you can use to start your coaching business
  • Discover the most important step to follow
  • Find out how to be visible to your audience
  • Know how to take actions
  • Get the proper mindset in starting your coaching business

If you want to build a booked out coaching business, I want you to head to shediditherwaypodcast.com/challenge and sign up for my week-long free challenge happening next week, starting on Monday, May 11th. I’m breakdown down in more detail each of these steps during live training happening every evening.


"It's all about having your ideal customers take the next step of where you are leading them to."


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