Fear & Leadership in the Mountains


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How many times have we been told the story of the fearless leader — in work, in politics, in the mountains? When the stakes are high, it’s natural to place our confidence in strength and certainty. To turn to the leader and believe that they have no doubt, that they've built up a kind of resilience that will carry us all to safety.

Today’s episode isn’t about how to become a fearless leader in the mountains. Nor is it about how to overcome your fear, or even how to harness it. But it is about listening to what fear is trying to teach us. It’s an opportunity to consider what kind of leader you need, as well as the one you might want to be.

Lindsey Falkenburg shares the story of her season as a lead for BOEALPS, a mountaineering club in Seattle.

Featured in this episode: Lindsey Falkenburg, Ashley Abril, and Kristen Jones

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