Paralympic Snowboarder Brittani Coury


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Brittani Coury is a Paralympic snowboarder and registered nurse who loves spending her winters in the mountains. It’s where she’s found a second family, it’s where her stubbornness and dedication have helped her realize her potential as an athlete.

Brittani hasn’t had a straight path in her athletic career. So she knows a thing or two about starting over, pushing through, and having fun. Which makes her the perfect person to learn from in this episode, whether you’re new to skiing or snowboarding, or looking to level up in skill and the amount of time spent on the mountain.

We asked you what questions you have about skiing and snowboarding. Our hope is that everyone out there listening will be empowered by Brittani’s story and expertise to safely explore the slopes - whether It’s possible this season or in the many winters to come.

Featured in this episode: Brittani Coury

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