Episode 102: Back to Work! Job Searching in the Age of 'Rona with the Career Contessa


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Boy are you in for a treat! We spoke with the incredibly wise Lauren McGoodwin, aka the Career Contessa, to talk all things job search! We got super practical. We got fantastic answers to these questions and more!
  1. I feel overwhelmed by the different options of going back to school to get my masters in CS, getting a certificate, going to a bootcamp, or just trying to transition internally onto a software engineering team at work. Of course time and money are things I am heavily considering, and the opportunity cost of having to cut down time at my current job to pursue a program. Do you have any advice on what is the best path?
  2. How do I search for a new job while furloughed and pregnant?
  3. Is applying to jobs online worth it when people are saying that most new hires are based on referrals? Especially for people just starting out?
  4. How do you explain getting fired when applying for jobs?
  5. I realized through COVID that despite being in my current field for 10 years, I want to change careers. I know I’m going to have to start a few rungs down the ladder than I currently am, but how do I get a hiring manager to look at my application for those more junior positions without looking overqualified and out of left field.
  6. Is “loyalty” a thing anymore? If someone has a few jobs in a row of 12-18 months, does that start to raise red flags about loyalty or jumping ship? How long do I need to stay?
  7. How do you go about asking for the salary range of a position if it’s not stated in the listing? Is that seen as too bold to ask directly during an initial interview?
  8. Marijuana is legal in my state, but it seems like there’s still a lot of confusion around this. How could someone address this for a new job with a drug screen if I’m using it legally, either recreationally or medicinally?
  9. What’s the best way to address career gaps? I took some time off when having children, but when I start to apply to go back, I’ll have a 6 year gap in my resume. How do I make sure I’m considered as a candidate with no recent experience?
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