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#009 Shelf Impactors™ Mindfulness TOP 5 TIPS TO A MORE ‘MINDFUL APPROACH TO YOUR LIFESTYLE TO IMPROVE YOUR CREATIVE OUTPUT… 1. SLEEP 2. NUTIRITION 3. DAILY ROUTINES 4. RESEARCH/ READING 5. MENTORS With this episode, and based around our 5 top tips, Lisa and I discuss the very topical subject of Mindfulness. To give you bit of a background, the purpose of me setting up this podcast originally was to serve as a vehicle for me to discuss subjects and areas around the areas of branding and packaging design, with the intended audience being those working within or alongside the industry, whether they be brand owners, brand developers, or creatives. This podcast opens up the arena even further to include anyone who has in interest in just improving their overall well being. Its not just a creative industry topic, its something that touches each and every one of us in one way or an other. Todays subject is something which I believe each an every one of us should invest time to learn more about. I’m relatively new to this space and thoroughly enjoying the journey of educating myself to be more consciously aware of my surroundings and those around me. I’m pushing aside my sceptiscsm and old ways of thinking in order to be a better person and ultimately lead to a healthier more full-filling professional and personal life. Lisa Hastings: Twitter - @Shoebox20 WeChat - @Creativeshoebox LinkedIn - Lisa Hastings Mark Grey: Website - www.bluenectardesign.co.uk Pinterest - Pinterest/markgrey Behance - Behance.net/markgrey Instagram - @bluenectardesign LinkedIn - Mark Grey

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